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    News about digital advertising and trends


    Digital Ads and their Carbon Footprint: Aiming towards Net-Zero Advertising

    How do you contribute to a net-zero future with your everyday decisions? Choosing local and seasonal food, prioritizing public transportation, reducing long-haul flights, using renewable-based heating are just some of the common ways. As forward-thinking marketers, however, we have yet another serious factor to consider: the carbon footprint caused by digital advertising.  Intrigued? Check out […]


    Not Optimizing for Human Attention? Then Forget About Advertising (Part II) 

    In Part I of our recent publication, we introduced you to some of Paolo Provinciali’s thoughts on the importance of human attention in advertising. Enjoy our selection of further insightson this hot topic in the marketing industry, from a practitioner’s perspective: • The role of innovative platforms. According to Provinciali, the sell-side should constantly work to develop highly attentive environments through content, formats, and programming innovation. In turn, the buy-side should […]


    Not Optimizing for Human Attention? Then Forget About Advertising (Part I) 

    Want to improve advertising effectiveness? Optimize for human attention! In a world where Web3, AI and the metaverse are the latest hype getting media coverage, we were delighted to come across this very different, thought-provoking and insightful blog by Paolo Provinciali.  According to Provinciali – a senior media professional calling himself an „economist by education, marketer by profession, […]


    High-Quality Ad Environments Crucial to Brand Perceptions

    Would you mind placing your ads in a shady environment? Does context really matter that much? We have previously dived into the critical importance of context relevance in ad placement here. Furthermore, various research proves that consumers judge brands by the company they keep. According to a recent Marketing Week analysis of several psychology experiments, brand perceptions are […]