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    Ageing Consumers as a Lucrative Market

    If you’ve read our publications on Gen Z, you are aware that marketing to specific consumer segments has become a primary goal for a variety of brands.  A comprehensive recent report by Euromonitor International reviews the global ageing trends towards 2040, specifically the income and spending patterns of the steadily increasing consumer demographic aged 65+. Intrigued? Let’s […]


    Ad Spend Transparency and Traceability: A Mission (still to be made) Possible?

    In a world of growing programmatic advertising, notwithstanding the current COVID-19-related implications, transparency is becoming a key concern. This recent analysis outlines the importance of transparency defined as total visibility of the buying funnel, including ad placement, pricing and data, for an optimized ad spending and delivery. The key takeaways are nothing short of stunning: According to […]