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    We enable the display of multimedia messages on the smartphone screen in a new and impactful way.

    4 instances, 4 ways, 4 opportunities, 4 unique moments are used by Novelty Media to deliver content. Commercial, educational, social and entertaining content. Novel and unexpected, with built-in AI distraction limitation techniques, Novelty Media is building an unprecedented visual trading currency into the content delivery landscape.

    Our technology platform

    Our unique, first-time employed technology implementations and marketing frameworks:

    • Empower Mobile Users to get either more affordable or richer mobile services.
    • Enable Mobile Operators to create their own impactful media channel.
    • Offer a fresh, innovative and attention-driven medium to the Advertising and Content creation ecosystem.

    We fully utilize the idle time experienced within the basic and routine smartphone usage instances. We capture these events to trigger display opportunities. These high mental availability moments are ideal to assure focus and undivided attention on the mobile screen. Informative, educational, social, entertaining, commercial and personalized content delivery is entering a new, unexploited and hugely promising, dimension.

    Mobile Operators

    Novelty Media partners with Operators globally to create an audience comparable with the leading social media.

    Digital Agencies

    We send the right message, at the right time, in the most impactful way. Getting the most out of your advertising budget.

    Smartphone Users

    For the first time ever, you will be incentivized to watch content: educational, funny, lifestyle content in a unique way.

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    SmartAdd changes the game in mobile content delivery