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    Reshaping the App Economy: iOS 14 Privacy Release (Part II)

    In Part I of our publication, we gave you an overview of the coming iOS 14 anti-tracking features and some strategies on withstanding its negative effects. Let’s face it, there are certain issues it will create for advertisers and publishers that we’d better not underestimate. Check them out: Severe impact on monetization: Facebook warned that recent anti-tracking features […]


    Generation N: The Novel COVID-19 Shaped Customer Segment

    If you’ve followed our publications on Gen Z and the Millennials, it’s time you met Generation Novel – the digital-first consumers galvanized by the disruptive effects of COVID-19. According to futurist, digital analyst and author Brian Solis, with the impact of the novel coronavirus likely to endure, companies must prioritize the study of Gen N. Curious […]


    Demise Is Near: Strategies for a Cookie-Less Future

    It’s inevitable – with more and more consumers already aware of how their data is being used and abused, the cookie is destined for demise. In a recent analysis elaborated by dentsu X, we were thrilled to dive in the specifics of how to provide consumers with personalization convenience, access and ease while giving them value for […]