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    Advertising to Gen Z: Go Edgy or Go Home (Part I)

    According to organizational psychologist Dr. Benjamin Hardy, the brain thrives on novelty, newness and challenge. Apparently, so does Generation Z – the new breed of consumers born after 1995. Research studies like this and this only confirm that in 2020, advertising campaigns should not only adapt to but also deeply resonate with the powerful evolving consumer of the future. […]


    Adblock Wars: Can Mobile Escape the Battleground?

    The big players like Google and their significant rivals are in the middle of waging browser wars. The reason: an increasing popularity of browsers blocking ads by default. Besides desktop, virtually all mobile web browsers except Google Chrome now support ad blocking. It’s a serious issue for publishers that have relied on ads for monetization. […]


    Duly Noted: The Value of Attention

    It’s all about attention. Whether you are trying to reach the younger generation or their older counterparts, you don’t need a crystal ball to see where they are. Look no further – your audience’s attention is there, hooked to the ubiquitous point of attraction which, for better or for worse, makes us tick 24/7 – […]