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    Advertising to Gen Z: Go Edgy or Go Home (Part I)

    According to organizational psychologist Dr. Benjamin Hardy, the brain thrives on novelty, newness and challenge. Apparently, so does Generation Z – the new breed of consumers born after 1995. Research studies like this and this only confirm that in 2020, advertising campaigns should not only adapt to but also deeply resonate with the powerful evolving consumer of the future.

    Intrigued? Check out the first part of the facts and figures we have selected for you:

    • Gen Z to surpass Millennials: By 2020, there will be over 2.5 billion people in Gen Z, comprising 32% of the global population of 7.7 billion, becoming the largest generation of consumers ever. 
    • Tech is what makes them tick: Being the first generation to grow up with access to technology from birth, with 90% of Gen Z owning a smartphone, they are true digital natives – very comfortable with, if not dependent on, technology. 
    • Largely due to the above, traditional marketing doesn’t work for them.

    Branding to this new consumer generation and engaging them could be tricky sometimes. Curious how to tailor your approach accordingly? Watch this space and follow our Marketing Bites section for further insights.