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    The Shorter, the Less Intrusive: How Seconds Count in Video Ads

    We have already shared interesting insights about ad length in our previous publications. Therefore, we were thrilled to see the subject addressed again in this recent study confirming that short video ads have an impact on all stages of the purchase funnel.

    The research was conducted with over 7,700 consumers interviewed and 32 different ad scenarios were tested across three industry verticals, including ads from Estée Lauder, LEGO Systems, Inc., MINI, and a major CPG brand. Experimental design was used across 4 platforms, where consumers were exposed to either a control ad (public service announcement) or a brand ad. Their online behaviours were tracked, and traditional branding metrics assessed via survey after ad exposure. Want to know more? There you go:

    • Shorter video spots are more effective than previously thought at influencing consumers throughout the purchase funnel (a model describing the customer journey from first seeing an ad to buying a product or service).
    • 6-second ads that often are used to boost awareness at the top of the purchase funnel can be as effective as 15-second ads for mid-funnel strategies. A 6-second ad can boost brand preference by 9% and purchase intent by 5%, similar to the respective 10% and 4% gains for a 15-second ad in tests that controlled for the brand, according to the study.
    • While 6-second ads generated the same recall as 15-second ads, viewers were more likely to say the lengthier ad (15 sec) was more “intrusive”, a negative sentiment that brands try to avoid. The performance of ad length was consistent among different viewing devices, such as smartphones or computers, and among age groups.
    • Advertisers should consider matching the length of the ad with the platform and length of the video content being consumed. The study reveals that ad lengths are device agnostic. Still, ads generally perform best on mobile.
    • Triggering an emotional response in less than half a second – that’s what mobile ads do, according to another study by brain researcher Neurons for the Mobile Marketing Association. The current findings only help to confirm this research about the effectiveness of shorter ads.

    Looking for more marketing insights? To make sure you stay on top of the latest trends and craft a winning product strategy, keep an eye out for the next publications in our Marketing Bites.