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    2020: Recap and Embrace Novelty

    The famous author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek recently said: “Opportunity is the finding of a new route to a known destination”. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic-defined 2020, we have been presenting valuable insights extracted from the most up-to-date reports and analyses on the market. These easily digestible “bites” of information related to mobile marketing, video advertising, market data, the attention economy and consumer behavior are meant to do just that – to help us, marketers, distinguish the “taste”, direction and specifics of this new route. Such that will help us efficiently cut through the noise and capture with our proposition the heart and mind of an already overwhelmed consumer, amidst the novelty of the lockdown reality. 

    Hope you find them insightful and will keep following our Marketing Bites in order to emerge better equipped for the interesting times ahead. Meanwhile, to finish 2020 on a lighter note, check our selection of the funniest marketing cartoons by the wildly talented Tom Fishburne. They have not only been entertaining us during the roller-coaster ride of this weirdest year ever. Hidden behind the excellent humor are also some powerful ideas that could help marketers see what is clearly not working anymore and urge us to seek novel ways of operating from our A game:

    1. Ad viewability (Source)
    • Facebook ad boycott (Source
    • Marketing data and GDPR compliance (Source)

    Marketing ROI (Source)

    • Consumer privacy comeback (Source)