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    SmartAdd Embracing Vertical Video: More Opportunities for Branding and Ad Recall

    Exciting news for brands and marketers who want to distinguish themselves even more and get noticed every time! From now on, SmartAdd, the cross-operator media and advertising channel, offers vertical video as an additional ad format in its platform. With this enhancement of mobile-friendly features, SmartAdd is able to offer brands the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of creating content for all formats.

    Vertical video, or videos created in a vertical format that sit upright in the palm of your hand, has faced a huge surge, gradually becoming the dominant format. Unsurprisingly, the majority of users hold their smartphones vertically, thus embracing a viewing experience that is natural, convenient and immersive. SmartAdd addresses this increasing trend and offers brands the opportunity to incorporate vertical video into their marketing mix, to boost user engagement and ad recall. 

    The results from a recent vertical video ad campaign of one of our regular clients have further verified the efficiency of this format for boosting brand awareness.

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