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    Mobile Is the Most Crucial Instrument for Engaging Customers, Survey Confirms

    According to the latest State of Mobile report released by mobile ad intelligence agency App Annie, the industry’s most trusted mobile data and analytics platform, mobile is the only channel enjoying unprecedented time spent by users, surpassing even TV. This is just one of the key mobile app trends and shifts during the “new normal” over 2020. Curious for more mind-blowing stats? Dive deeper into our selection here:

    • Mobile adoption boomed in 2020, advancing 2-3 years in 12 months. Mobile took over mindshare at 3.5 trillion hours on Android phones annually, thus making it the only channel with this reach and depth of engagement. 
    • Not just Gen Z — Millennials & Baby Boomers spend more time in mobile. In the UK, Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X/ Baby Boomers spent 18%, 17% and 27% more time YoY, respectively, in their most-used apps.
    • 40% more hours streamed on mobile in 2020. Binging from anywhere, consumers choose mobile over TV. Even while at home, consumers turned to the small screens — to stream content or engage in second-screening. Time spent in streaming apps peaked in Q2 2020 in the west as the first wave of COVID-19 forced people inside. 
    • By 2021 and in the new normal, the average mobile streamer in South Korea and the UK will download 80% and 60%  more video streaming apps, respectively, compared to pre-pandemic levels.
    • 2020 – the biggest mobile shopping year yet. +30% YoY time was spent globally in shopping apps on Android phones during 2020. Mobile drove the lion’s share.
    • Mobile orders of fast food & food delivery surge. Country sessions grew up to 105% Year-Over-Year. In Argentina, the UK, Indonesia and Russia YoY growth in Q4 2020 was 65%, 70%, 80% and 105%, respectively.
    • Mobile ad placements grew 335% Year-Over-Year in Turkey, 175% Mexico, 165% France, 170% Brazil. Across the board, interstitial ads saw the largest YoY growth as COVID-19-induced cuts to marketing budgets likely prompted advertisers to seek cheaper inventory. 
    • Mobile bolstered the ad industry in 2020 — growing to $240 billion in mobile ad spend and set to top $290 billion in 2021.

    Apparently, the pandemic has accelerated these trends by years. Make sure you stay up-to-date on the industry specific developments and keep following our Marketing Bites.