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    Empowered Branding in Interesting Times (Part II)

    No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic is turning our marketing strategies and perception of normality upside down. In Part I we gave you some empowering perspectives of the situation based on a recent Ogilvy report. Let’s consider some actionable guidance on how to generate new opportunities out of the inevitable transformation in a powerful way:

    • Consider and address impacts across all time horizons: winning in the now (acute outbreak phase), while preparing for the medium-term (recovery phase), and transforming for longer-term growth (the new normal)
    • Brand actions that matter right now: Adjust your channel mix, content and potential partnerships to secure reach and relevance; choose surging channels, like mobile, and build meaningful content, adding cheer and positivity to people’s lives through your brand message 
    • Prepare for the post-outbreak recovery: Data shows that brands that sustain exposure throughout a crisis can increase share 3x during downturns, but also rebound faster and stronger in recovery 
    • Leverage martech and automation to enable more personalised and contextual creation and distribution of content in real-time
    • During the new normal phase: Identify opportunities for first-mover edge serving future needs by creating or modifying a product/service/experience; accelerate shift to mobile- and e-com-first business models

    While a lot remains uncertain, one thing is for sure: This too shall pass and there will be an After. Meanwhile, stay healthy and safe, maintain social distancing and keep following our Marketing Bites.