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    Empowered Branding in Interesting Times (Part I)

    Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic-related anxiety and confusion, it gave us a thrill to read an insightful report by Ogilvy on the importance of branding in turbulent times. While we, in our capacity of both humans and marketers, are doing our best to navigate the murky waters of an unprecedented crisis, let’s take a moment to absorb an empowering message instead of giving in to fear:

    • At the heart of each crisis lies a tremendous opportunity, which can be explored and applied smartly
    • According to research, brands that get it right are able to capture up to 3x more market share through a downturn, and rebound faster and stronger when good times are back
    • Maintain a delicate balance: Innovate to find new ways to deliver solutions and services and promote your business without being perceived as taking advantage of the situation
    • To turn crisis into opportunity, keep your audience informed and connected at all times, moving from a physical to a virtual product launch effectively and smartly
    • Shift from offline-reliance to online and delivery-based ecosystems, in line with “the new normal” – i.e. the new reality and new consumer behaviours

    Curious to get further insights? Stay tuned and watch this space for the next part of our Marketing Bites.