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    Advertising to Gen Z: Go Edgy or Go Home (Part II)

    If you’ve read Part I of our article, you are familiar with some of Gen Z’s behavioral traits. For marketers though, the real question is how to re-engineer advertising efforts in order to focus on properly communicating, connecting with and catering to this specific customer base. Let’s take a deeper dive: 

    • Go edgy, not traditional: Processing large volumes of information, Gen Z ignore everything they find irrelevant – including ads. Brand advertising needs to be highly visual, simple (bite-sized display formats) and interactive to grab their attention – think “tap/swipe/click”. 
    • Massive and influential: They tend to have access to serious cash and a higher spending power than other generations – somewhere between £22 billion to £112 billion in direct spending. 93% of households claim that this generation influences also their family and household spending.
    • Strategic target group: Gen Z is becoming an increasingly strategic segment to business. The majority of them want to support brands that they see as “fun” and “cool”.

    No doubt 2020 is going to be about winning the hearts and wallets of this tech-savvy younger generation, who also happen to have massive spending potential. To make sure you address your audience in a fresh, authentic and innovative way, keep following our Marketing Bites.