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    Video Is the Definitive Sales Driver, Survey Reveals

    If you are wondering how the various content formats have been performing lately, rest assured: video keeps dominating the digital landscape. The report from a recent survey of 300 enterprise-level B2B buyers on how they use video to inform purchasing decisions provides the latest evidence. 

    Researchers from Brightcove in partnership with Ascend2 polled over 300 B2B decision-makers in organizations generating more than $50 million in revenue across key markets. Take a deeper dive into selected highlights from the survey findings to supercharge your B2B video marketing with valuable insights:  

    • Video aids conversion. 95% of B2B buyers say video plays an important role in deciding to move forward with a purchase. 
    • Video cuts through top-of-the-funnel noise. According to 70% of respondents, video is the best content format for creating awareness of business-related problems. 88% of B2B buyers surveyed have watched videos to learn about a company’s products or services in the last three months.
    • Video is helpful in a number of ways. 58% of B2B buyers turn to video to learn more about products and services they’re considering, 40% – to learn how to solve a problem, while 36% rely on video to better understand a problem they’re having.
    • Video is the most impactful content format throughout the entire journey. 70% of respondents agree that video makes the most impact over other content formats beating research reports, webinars, infographics, books, and whitepapers in creating awareness of business challenges.
    • Video builds trust and facilitates sales communication. 93% of B2B buyers say that video is important in building trust in a company’s ability to deliver on its promises, while 97% of recent video viewers say that they would be more receptive to sales communication from a business after consuming their video content.
    • Video is preferred over written content. B2B buyers prefer video over written content when learning about a business, product or service, as well as when being introduced to sales representatives and in their post-purchase journey during troubleshooting and training.
    • Video makes things easier and more interesting. The survey proves that video is a helpful format for making complex topics more interesting and easier to understand, as well. In fact, 81% of respondents say they prefer to see an explanation of a complex product or service in video format.
    • Video quality matters. For 55% of all respondents, speed/load time matters most when it comes to business-related videos. More than half (52%) of B2B buyers say that interactivity features such as links to other content matter most to them when it comes to elements included in the video. In fact, decision-makers value interactivity features nearly as much as they value speed and load time (55%).

    The above findings are just a few of the reasons why B2B buyers consider video the content format that packs the biggest punch, preferring it over other forms of content, according to the survey. Novelty Media, via SmartAdd, helps you leverage video content in the best possible way, by providing you with a truly innovative media channel to reach desired audiences at their peak moments of attention. Keep following our Marketing Bites to find out more about SmartAdd and the semantics of our solution.