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    The Quality Era of Advertising: From Capturing Attention to Building Loyalty

    In a world where content is omnipresent and fighting for our attention, quantity often prevails over quality. Our fast-paced, AI-driven culture places a premium on speed, particularly in the realm of social media. However, this approach comes at a cost – the sacrifice of quality. 

    Apparently, we need higher standards and effectiveness in marketing strategies that respect and resonate with the target audience. As a response, creative quality, customer satisfaction, privacy, attention and loyalty lay the foundations of a new advertising era. Media Futurist Erez Levin, who predicted the “Year of Attention” in 2022, dubbed 2023 as the “Year of Quality,” marking the dawn of what he termed the Quality Era. With the impending demise of third-party cookies, we find ourselves already immersed in these transformative times.

    Want to ensure your ads resonate with your audience and align with the demands of this evolving era? Check out some powerful insights to fuel your strategy and propel your success forward: 

      • The return of quality. As Erez Levin explainsbesides Media Quality, there will be a Renaissance of Quality applied to the other 2 pillars of Advertising: Data/Audience & Creative. He adds that while these will mostly evolve in silos, marketers that properly leverage any of these will gain a huge advantage over their peers that don’t, and those that leverage 2 or 3 of them will absolutely crush it. The laggards, whose businesses will fall behind as a result, will be forced to catch up or perish. Levin envisions a brave new world where quality measures matter more than ever as the demise of third-party cookies looms large.


      • Shifting towards a more customer-centric approach. Customer satisfaction emerges as a guiding principle during the Quality Era. Advertisers realize that satisfied customers are not just one-time buyers but potential brand advocates who can drive long-term success. Searching for real, empathetic communication beyond pure consumerism? Human-centric marketing is the answer that could elevate your brand strategy to a whole new level. By prioritizing customer needs and preferences, advertisers aim to create campaigns that resonate on a deeper level, forging emotional connections that transcend transactional relationships. Want to know more about human-centric marketing? Check out our previous article here.

      • Matching price to value via brand building. According to Levin, quality will help match price to value, and incentivize a normal distribution (especially for media and data, but also for creative) back towards the high-end of the spectrum. This way, advertising will be priced much more closely to the true value it offers. But how do we bridge the gap between perceived quality and true value? By investing in brand building. Strong brand building leads to stronger pricing and profit. According to Adam&eveDDB group head of effectiveness Les Binet, “long-term brand building is the key to firmer pricing”. Binet urges marketers to pay more attention to price as a metric, to consistently measure and try to control it, especially in the context of high inflation and investors’ demand for profit. Did you know that brand building can have a lasting impact on sales velocity, growth and your overall business valuation? We delved into this intriguing topic in our previous article here.

      • Creative quality and platform fit. In the Quality Era of advertising, the importance of creative quality and platform-specific content cannot be overstated. Advertisers must craft compelling, high-quality visuals and messaging that not only capture attention but also resonate with the target audience on each unique platform.  Beyond mere aesthetics, creative quality becomes a cornerstone for building lasting connections with consumers, fostering loyalty, and establishing trust. Want to go one step further? Consider the Creative/Platform fit, i.e. the degree to which an ad creative matches the characteristics and expectations of the platform where it is displayed. According to a report by CreativeX, 50% of digital ad budgets go behind creative that isn’t fit for the platform. According to a study by Google, ads that are optimized for the platform can increase the view-through rate by 19%, the click-through rate by 30%, and the conversion rate by 24%. As Levin puts it: “Many, many systems will need to re-calibrate to account for rising media costs in general, and factor in quality/probability on top of quantity/counts. And you better believe that creative quality, while seemingly squishy, will be more important than ever.” 

      • Maintaining ad quality in the post-trust era. These days, the audience sits at the most vulnerable position. The prevalence of scams, clickbait, and fraud has eroded trust and created an environment where audiences are increasingly sceptical of the digital content they encounter. Trust is the currency of modern marketingAdvertisers must work to rebuild it by prioritizing transparency, authenticity, and quality in their campaigns. According to Geoedge research, more than three-quarters of publishers (76%) say user experience on their sites has been impacted by ad quality challenges. What’s more, 66% say poor ad quality has affected their revenue. It’s clear that user experience and ad experiences are one and the same in the eyes of the audience. Seeking to cultivate authenticity and transparency in your brand messaging? Start by respecting your audience, always protect user privacy and obtain their informed consent in order to foster long-term relationships. Because your audience truly is the most powerful element in the digital ad ecosystem, determining the success or failure of your campaigns. 

    Novelty Media, via SmartAdd, offers an attention-driven mobile media channel that stays ahead of the game in the new Quality Era. Want to elevate the quality of your campaigns and achieve sustainable success in a competitive marketplace? With our solution, you are in the right place. Watch your brand equity and conversions grow as we deliver your content to an engaged audience. SmartAdd transforms the smartphone’s unlocking and calling moments into viewing events, thus building an unprecedented visual trading currency into the content delivery landscape. 

    Privacy is at the heart of our solution. We obtain our users’ explicit consent before collecting personal data. With us, the user is always in control.

    Join our global advertisers who have repeatedly placed their trust in our innovative platform. We are fully endorsed by Mobile Operators and our audience consists solely of humans – verified mobile subscribers. Contact us today to find out more about SmartAdd and navigate the shift in advertising dynamics with confidence!

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