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    Short and Sweet: The 6-second Video Ad

    In the age of mobile, brevity is the new king. Initially introduced by YouTube in 2016, the 6-second small but mighty ad format currently thrives on the ever-fragmented and constantly shrinking attention span of modern consumers glued to their smartphones. 

    In a mobile-first and increasingly mobile-only reality, 6-second video ads are the sweet spot for advertisers. Some insights into why this format is a true game changer:

    • The human brain requires 400 milliseconds (faster than half a second!) to engage with advertising on mobile
    • 6-second spots capture 8-11% more attention per second, compared to 15 and 30-second spots
    • 61% of all 6-second ads drive a significant lift in brand awareness, with an average lift of 9% across all campaigns globally
    • The shorter, the better – viewers cannot skip these ads 
    • Crisp and not overly invasive – the annoyance factor is minimal
    • Snack-sized content, perfect for mobile devices which have become our “Pocket-TV” 
    • Provides clearer messages resulting in more powerful and compelling ads
    • Allows brands to plant a seed before building momentum – first creating brand awareness, then boosting conversion rates on landing pages

    Need more reasons to jump on the short video ad bandwagon? Stay tuned and follow the latest updates on the Marketing Bites section of our website.