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    Tiny Steps, Big Impact: A New Approach to Advertising in 2020

    2020 has already been hailed as the beginning of a new decade when everything is possible. However, if you as an advertiser happen to be nowhere near addressing your New Year‘s marketing resolutions with the tenacity and passion they deserve, the prospect of a cookie-less ad-world has left you high and dry and the recently released „Out of Control” report about the massive data leaks to third parties has stopped you in your tracks, we hear you. 

    Taking tiny steps instead of giant leaps could be your strategy for 2020 (thank you, Arianna Huffington, for endorsing the respective book and introducing us to this fabulous approach!)

    Intrigued what your specific tiny steps could be? Keep reading:

    • Use a short (6-second), crisp and not overly invasive video ad format 
    • Make sure ads are delivered without any buffering and are ad-blocker-proof
    • Secure undivided attention, brand awareness and better ad recall from the target audience
    • Have in-depth knowledge of your video ad viewers‘ habits and preferences
    • Use first-party data from a credible data source

    These tiny steps could be the big shift that would help you keep your New Year‘s resolutions – meanwhile increasing your ROI as an advertiser. If curious how to achieve them, watch this space and thank us later. To make sure you stay at the top of the game, keep following the Marketing Bites section of our website.