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    Post Call Ads Available in SmartAdd

    Time to share an exciting update! Novelty Media proudly presents the addition of Post Call Ads to SmartAdd service.

    Our team started working on the development of clickable Post Call Ads functionality in April 2020 in order to add another powerful format within SmartAdd tool set.

    Post Call Ads are delivered at the end of either an incoming or an outgoing call. They are fresh, non-intrusive and visually attractive. Most of all, they are able to capture peak moments of audience attention so that the advertising message gets through every time.

    Serving Post Call Ads provides a direct incremental revenue stream while also grabbing active attention and enhancing the user experience. Clickable Post Call Ads are already enjoying CTRs higher than 5%. In addition, the ability to offer various size formats during the Post Call Ad further boosts its efficiency and likeability to advertisers.

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