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    Not All Doom and Gloom: COVID-19 and Mobile Brands (Part II)

    If you’ve read Part I of our summary on the effect of COVID-19 on mobile brands, you already know – the disruption has caused a surge in the mobile app industry, with users turning to apps that keep them either entertained or connected to essential services. Check out some more insights on the subject:

    • 50% of app categories experienced positive revenue growth in June. Revenue generated by lifestyle apps almost doubled since mid-March, growing a further 35% in June.
    • The quick reaction to meet the massive demand has allowed apps to monetize users who were mostly acquired during lockdown: the in-app behaviour of those who continue to use these apps remains 20% higher than pre-lockdown days.
    • Marketers in thriving industries are capitalising on the surge in user interest by ramping up campaign activity, in some cases by more than 60% – a strategy rewarding them with higher engagement, user responsiveness and higher CTRs. On the other hand, reduced campaign volume related to a corresponding dip in CTRs.
    • Struggling industries have either sent fewer campaigns overall or temporarily paused marketing activity in order to regroup and restrategize. In spite of these efforts, CTRs for struggling industries are generally down or flat.

    Undoubtedly, app revenue has remained high and overall, the app economy is clearly not showing signs of a recession amidst the global pandemic. In fact, with some industries enjoying a tremendous surge in user retention, mobile apps are capitalizing on it. Stay tuned and follow our Marketing Bites for further valuable insights.