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    Noisy World: Harnessing the Power of Attention with SmartAd

    In an overly cluttered environment, the one thing that becomes so scarce that it’s getting almost impossible to harness is Attention. Its actual measurement has become a hot topic in media circles. Furthermore, attention differs across platforms and formats, making it crucial to rely on attention metrics to find the right platform for your brand. Read on to find out how SmartAd embraces the Attention Economy to help you win on mobile:

    • Attention Engineers and Empathy Architects. Ever heard of them? Big advertising giants like OMD have introduced these titles. They imply skills related to constructing a general understanding of consumers’ unmet desires and needs when moving through the world and encountering content, and then applying that understanding to make marketing messages more of an additive experience to their day.  OMD refers to it as “empathy” –   and it’s how they design experiences for consumers that will seek out, create and hold consumer attention. At SmartAd, we do exactly this – integrating content into the standard smartphone usage in a novel, fresh, unexpected manner, making it a desirable rather than intrusive user experience. 
    • Seeking out, creating and holding attention isn’t the goal. Turning attention into action is. SmartAd seamlessly turns attention into action making content natural to click and engage with. Short, crisp and easy to navigate, the displayed content is not intrusive by design and consumers engage with it intuitively, making the call to action embedded as an integral part of the overall user experience.
    • Attention means focus and being in the most receptive state that you can be in. This is one of the findings revealed by neuroscientist Dr. Amishi Jha, author of the book “Peak Mind: Find Your Focus, Own your Attention, Invest 12 Minutes a Day”, in a recent podcast episode on focus and attention. Mental availability is a prerequisite for attention. OMD defines “mental availability” as owning the “front of mind” space where brand choice becomes an automatic reflex. SmartAd facilitates this process by eliminating the clutter and providing a clean canvas for users’ focused, undivided attention.
    • Attention as a trading currency. In the new era of content delivery, advertisers must plan and buy media using a new metric called Attention. By knowing which channels and contexts are of the most interest, which targets are most attentive, attention can become a trading currency. SmartAd, as an innovative media channel, meets consumers right where they are – at their smartphones – finding an unexploited, brand-safe and uncluttered environment to deliver the message with unparalleled effectiveness and ensuring the “all eyes on ad” effect.
    • It’s about more than just attentive seconds. The platform matters. Since March 2018, another media giant – dentsu – has been measuring attention to advertising through eye-tracking, revealing that 3 seconds of eyes-on attention on one format is not the same experience for the user as 3 seconds on another. SmartAd takes into account all important nuances around whether views are forced vs. optional (did someone have the opportunity to either skip or move away from the ad), the role soundless ads play when viewed on the go, as well as creative fit and precise targeting. 

    Novelty Media, via SmartAd, puts the above findings into practice, offering unprecedented engagement and a click-through rate average of over 5%! When you struggle to make your brand storytelling stand out from the noise, Novelty Media has the solution. Utilizing unique instances to deliver content, thus grabbing undivided attention, SmartAd is the ultimate media channel redefining the rules of the game by meeting consumers where they are – at their smartphones.

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