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    Did People Really See Your Ad? Here Is Why It Matters

    So, you have created and launched the perfect ad – but was it noticed, seen, remembered by your audience? Did they pay attention to it? There could be many reasons for ad avoidance – annoyance, disturbance, ad fatigue, to name a few. In our always-on culture, a visually cluttered and often overwhelming environment doesn’t help either. Just the opposite, digital clutter becomes a nightmare for marketers and one which, more often than not, has a detrimental effect on ad budgets.

    Want to learn more about this important subject? We have selected a few highlights so you could be better equipped when crafting your strategy:

    • Banner blindness is real. We are all too familiar with how overwhelming a website can feel, with too many ads displayed among content. According to this article, banner blindness refers to a web user’s non-response to a banner advertisement. It’s akin to how a person can tune out background noise. Coined in 1998, this term was used to describe the results of an eye tracking experiment on a website. A study published in 2018 by Nielsen Norman Group on banner blindness found that it is a prevalent issue despite changes in technology and design. According to statistics based on an Infolinks study in 2013, less than 14% of web users notice banner ads, and only 2.8% of users think the ad they are shown is relevant.

                According to the Nielsen Norman Group survey, users have learned to ignore content that       resembles ads, is close to ads, or appears in locations traditionally dedicated to ads.

                Is there a way out? Try to provide a better ad experience by respecting your audience, empowering and rewarding them for their attention.


    • Matching the platform with the audience. Of course, it’s important that people see your ad. However, wherethey see it is equally important. The platform where your ad appears influences its effectiveness and perception, as different platforms have different characteristics and expectations, different audiences, formats, features, and purposes. This affects how they perceive and respond to your ads. 

    In 2019, US advertisers spent more than $60 billion on programmatic display advertising, according to e-marketer. However, with fewer than 14% of Web users reporting that they even notice display ads, a whopping $51.6B of their spend was effectively wasted (source). Where people see your ad enables how innovative and creative it is. Various platforms offer different features and opportunities for leveraging and adapting your ad to the trends and demands of the times. Therefore, it’s important to carefully select the ones that correspond to your target audiences and their specifics. 


    • It’s all about context. Let’s assume your ad has succeeded in capturing and holding your audience’s attention.Have you considered the context where it appears, though? Where your ad is displayed influences how the audience trusts and relates to your brand, with contextual relevance impacting attention and outcomes. According to the findings from a recent Harris Poll study commissioned by GumGum, about 65% of respondents said they would be more tempted to buy from online ads relevant to the web page they were currently viewing. Therefore, your ad should match the values, expectations, and culture of the platform and the audience. The context impacts your brand’s reputation and image, as ads should avoid being associated with inappropriate or controversial content that may damage or backlash your brand. Find further powerful insights on the importance of context in our previous articles here and here.
    • Beware of ad blockers. What if your ad is blocked before it even has the chance to reach consumers? Ad blockers are filtering tools used to alter or remove ads. According to the latest data available, 42.7% of people use ad blocking software and 37.5% of the world’s internet users utilize ad blocker tools to remove intrusive online advertising. In 2020, it was reported that 20% of all online sessions were blocked via an ad blocker (source). Does it mean people hate ads? Not necessarily. The data reveals that consumers have privacy concerns about targeted ads that do not respect them or invade their space. Ads can be annoying, interruptive or intrusive but they can also be entertaining, funny and a source of useful information to consumers. Therefore, it’s up to you to select an innovative platform that is immune to ad blockers and try to reach your audience in a more focused and rewarding way, making them feel empowered, asking for consent and building long-term relationships with your customers.
    • Was your ad seen by humans or bots? $84 billion of ad spend was lost due to ad fraud in 2023.This figure is expected to rise to $172 billion by 2028, according to a new in-depth study from Juniper Research that analyzed digital advertising in 45 countries across 8 regions, using a dataset of over 78,700 data points from 2019 to 2028 (source). Ad fraud could be costing your brand money, hurting campaign results, leaving you with fewer genuine leads and poor advertising ROI. According to Statista, with the growing digitization of processes, including those in advertising, comes a growing risk of fraud. Today when more and more ads are traded programmatically, fraud detection processes are not yet fully developed, and so the bulk of advertising ends up being served to bots instead of potential customers – a significant problem for advertisers and media buyers. For valuable insights on how to optimize your ads for humans in order to avoid ad fraud, check our previous article here.

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