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    Content Strategy: The Game Changer in the Future of Publishing

    Nowadays, more than ever before, content is king. Content companies have the ability to reach many more consumers, as distributing content across multiplying channels continues to become easier, faster, and cheaper. 

    In an overly competitive market, perhaps you wonder how you could capitalize on the access to new potential audiences while still continuing to satisfy the needs of your traditional content consumers? A recently published white paper by WoodWing explores the driving forces of content success being related to factors such as: software solutions becoming more advanced; employees becoming more knowledgeable; and channels becoming more competitive. 

     Interested in learning more? Check our summary of key insights here:

    • Embark on new content ventures. As a content-driven company, you need to thoughtfully consider which audiences and channels you want to focus on in future. In part, this exercise involves how you can make your content unique to differentiate it from what else is out there in the market, as well as how you plan to monetize that content. Make a business case for your reasons for the following: targeting a particular new audience and channel, the specific types of content you aim to provide, and how you’ll measure the success of this endeavour.
    • Reassess your current content resources.  Your end goal is to have the capacity in place to allow you to rapidly scale up to produce more content, whether it’s brand-new or repurposed, for new audiences and channels. You are aiming for the ability to unlock the potential of every piece of content you produce, to extend its longevity and its usefulness across channels, audiences, and devices.
    • Serve up content where audiences gather. You don’t have a plan for how you’ll balance the needs of your existing content consumers with those of brand-new audiences?  Consider the following when preparing one: how different are your audience’s interests, what are their user needs, how can you keep them engaged? Typically, the path to success is to start small and experiment and then gradually build out a loyal audience. Make sure the content you offer is an appropriate fit for each channel and audience group on that channel.
    • Challenge your content audiences. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix up the type of content you present to your audiences. Using analytical tools, you can assess which types of content are most engaging for your different audiences, and use that knowledge to help guide your future content plans.
    • Personalize your content. How can you ensure your audiences keep coming back for more of your quality content? Content giants like Netflix and Amazon use personalization to make their content hyper-relevant and convenient, thus increasing customer loyalty and time spent viewing their content. Even without the millions of data points and sophisticated algorithms of the giants, you can emulate this approach by providing additional related content to keep your audiences on-site: for example, intelligently pulling in content on the same theme or by the same author; providing more in-depth content on the same topic or in a different format.
    • Interact with your content audiences. Increasingly, the relationship between content providers and content consumers will become much more of an equal partnership based on a mutual exchange of valuable information. Your consumers are looking to you to provide them with content that is educational, informative, and entertaining. Ultimately, the way to appeal to any audience is to serve them the content they need, on the channel they want, when they want it.

    The content market is transforming, becoming more automated, personalized, and truly multichannel. For traditional content companies, these represent potential new competitive threats as well as opportunities to forge fresh partnerships and third-party relationships. 

    Novelty Media, via SmartAdd, has developed a solid framework that addresses the most pressing needs related to impactful content creation and distribution. As an attention-based media channel, we meet your desired audiences where they are – at their smartphone devices, elevating content viewing into a carefully curated and highly engaging experience. Intrigued? Keep following our Marketing Bites to find out more about SmartAdd.