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    Receptive Minds, Resonant Ads: The Receptivity Advantage of Mobile Advertising

    Of the total digital advertising spend worldwide, 60% is on mobile, projected to surpass $413 billion by 2024. So, it certainly makes sense to jump on the bandwagon. But first, you need to ensure the following: a receptive audience for your ads that will actually see them and take action. 

    Who is your receptive audience in mobile advertising? Individuals willing to consider and accept new ideas or messages from a brand. This willingness is crucial for effective communication and engagement with consumers. Meanwhile, receptivity is influenced by factors like timing, location, life stage, interests, and even mood.

    Want to gain a deeper understanding of this important concept? Here are some valuable insights to help you decode the factors behind mobile ad receptivity: 

    • A receptive audience results in a better ROI. A receptive audience is more likely to engage with ads, leading to higher click-through rates and conversions. A recent study revealed that 34% of mobile gamers have clicked on ads within gaming apps, with 36% of respondents visiting the brand’s website, 15% downloading the brand app, and 13% sharing the brand’s link or screenshot with others. This statistic shows that people are actively engaging with mobile ads, which can be used to drive traffic to a brand’s website, increase app downloads, and spread brand awareness. Moreover, nearly 80% of video ads that were displayed on a mobile device remained in view during the measured period – quite impressive considering the average human attention span is less than 8 seconds. Mobile video ads are able to capture users’ attention for a longer period than the average attention span. This means that mobile video ads are more effective at engaging users, which is key to ensuring the success of any mobile advertising campaign (Source).
    • Understand your audience on a deeper level. According to Digital Examiner, 21% of millennial smartphone users access their mobile apps at least 50x a day.  Evidently, consumers spend a large portion of their time and money not just on their mobile devices, but on mobile apps. Personalization is becoming increasingly important, with 71% of consumers expecting tailored experiences (Source). Therefore, you need to make sure that you know your target market’s demographics, interests, and motivations to create personalized messages that resonate with them. Ad campaigns are significantly more impactful among receptive audiences, with studies showing up to seven times more effectiveness. For further details on the right mix between platform, format and other factors influencing ad effectiveness and receptivity, you can check our previous article here.  
    • Be open to novelty. Receptive audiences are willing to hear new ideas, making them more receptive to brand messages and promotions. In recent years, mobile video content has captured the hearts and minds of consumers as the most preferred format. A growing trend towards mobile video consumption highlights the potential for businesses to leverage mobile advertising strategies to enhance their marketing efforts successfully. In 2024, interactive video ads, shoppable videos, and personalized video ads are expected to be the most successful video ad types, as they engage viewers, drive conversions, and offer tailored experiences. According to Wordstream, advertising with video content can boost your revenue by up to 49% faster than other types of content and marketers who use videos in their ad campaigns experience 34% higher conversion rates (Source) .
    • Do not interrupt – inspire! According to this analysis, the platform or app where the ad is displayed plays an important role in receptivity. Testing ads in different contexts and channels is crucial for ensuring they resonate with the audience’s mindset, leading to improved ad performance and effectiveness. Use the right channelsand messaging that align with your target market’s preferences to secure clear and impactful communication. Mobile offers a great competitive advantage – the number of smartphone users globally has reached over 5.25 billion. This growth is attributed to the availability of budget-friendly options, especially in developing markets. Unlike mobile web ads, mobile apps convert 3x more product viewers (Source). Determine when your target audience is most receptive and explore the most appropriate frequency during those moments.
    • Build trust and consider the context. Targeting a receptive audience makes certain that the message is heard by those most likely interested in the product or service, increasing the effectiveness of advertising efforts. Being transparent, respecting your audience and providing a consistently positive experience are ways to build trust and enhance receptivity. Factors like a user’s current human context, such as their engagement with their mobile device and readiness to see an ad, can also significantly impact receptivity. According to a MAGNA and IPG Media Lab study on “Ad Receptivity, Deconstructed,” a new media trial that surveyed over 2,000 respondents on how they consumed ads, and when they were most receptive to them, ad receptivity is dependent on a person’s mood and emotional state. Consumers are generally 35% more open to ads and specifically receptive when they are in a good mood (excited, relaxed, focused, happy).
    • Obtain consent and offer opt-in value exchange. A further crucial step in the process is to obtain consentprior to addressing your target audience. Treat consumers with respect at all times and refrain from flooding them with intrusive, repetitive or overwhelming brand messaging. Even better – reward consumers withsomething of value in exchange for their time and attention, thus putting them in control of their choice. By leveraging the data shared by users, you can provide highly personalized product recommendations, offer exclusive discounts or early access to items aligned with their preferences, and create a more engaging customer experience that fosters brand loyalty.

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