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    Mobile Marketing post Privacy Changes: Context is Crucial

    Following Apple’s imminent iOS update, mobile advertisers are about to face greater challenges related to tracking and ad targeting. What’s next? Reaching consumers by focusing on the context of their ads, rather than one-to-one targeting and personalization. 

    In a recent survey of 252 advertisers, business intelligence firm Advertiser Perceptions interviewed 252 advertisers (40% marketer and 60% agency) from its community. The survey results outline the vital importance of the context of ads amid a changing data privacy landscape. Curious to know more? Let’s dive deeper:

    • Context is decisive for ad spend: Mobile advertisers expect to spend more in content environments with clear context signals, as 70% say context has become more important.
    • Gaming, lifestyle and entertainment will continue to see investment: More than half of advertisers plan to increase spending on gaming (53%) and kids’ programming (51%), 43% and 48% of advertisers – in lifestyle and entertainment.
    • Meeting consumers where they are: Rather than focusing entirely on personalized advertising, brands need to meet their audience where they are. Focusing on context will lead advertisers to spend where consumers are spending their time – for example, at their mobile phones. 
    • Several burgeoning areas expected to attract more ad dollars: While the top priorities for mobile advertisers remain the same — paid social, display and search — 49% of advertisers plan to ramp up their video budgets, 57% will invest more in podcasts, and 50% will spend more on e-commerce.
    • (Brand) safety first: As walled gardens, major social media platforms have the resources to adapt to privacy and regulatory changes, per Advertiser Perceptions, but still must reassure advertisers that they offer brand safety, privacy compliance and protection against fraud.

    It seems that context will be at the forefront of brands’ advertising strategy in the next years. At SmartAd, we do not rely on cookies or other forms of collecting user data. Our data sets are based on users declaring their clear consent prior to personal information processing, while brand safety and anti-fraud measures are cornerstones by design. Need further specific insights and tactics to empower your campaigns? Keep following our Marketing Bites and discover more about our solution.