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    // why choose us

    We empower advertisers with a fresh, innovative, attention-driven digital medium

    Novelty Media creates an impactful new medium designed to transform customer attention into action. We assist advertisers to become empathy architects and transform marketing messages into a positive experience.

    We send the right message, at the right time, in the most impactful way. Getting the most out of your advertising budget has never been easier.

    • Real and unique users guaranteed by the Mobile Operators
    • Audience size comparable to major social media, recruited by Mobile Operators through tangible incentives
    • Diversified audience meeting all communication targets
    • No competition for users’ attention due to:
      • 100% exclusivity on-screen
      • 100% in-view impressions
    • Full on-screen user attention guaranteed by design. Customer’s mental availability combined with the exact time of viewing enhance impact.
    • Exceptional engagement with consumers, resulting in increased ROI
    • Average CTR > 4.5%, outperforming industry metrics
    • Attentive seconds verify impactfulness
    • Ideal for:
      • Branding
      • Storytelling
      • Lead generation
      • Offers and promotions
      • Product introduction and positioning
    • Snack-sized content gets noticed every time
    • Precise targeting
    • Fast Reach & Frequency building
    • No video buffering
    • Not affected by ad blockers
    • Not affected by internet unavailability
    • Brand safety by design, guaranteed by the Mobile Operators
    • Fraud protection by design, guaranteed by the innovative way the content is delivered
    • Third-party verification
    • Full data protection compliancy