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    We empower smartphone users
    with more affordable mobile services

    For the first time ever, you will be incentivized to watch content!
    SmartAdd enables you to receive informative, educational, funny, lifestyle, wellness content in a unique way.
    Be creative and share your content with all SmartAdd users.
    Support socially impactful causes by just watching content.

    • Receive great bonuses from your mobile operator – free data, messages, services, including audio and video streaming services, discounted smartphones and accessories, 5G special deals, and many others.
    • Watch 5-8 seconds' snack-sized, crisp, soundless, and non-intrusive ads on your smartphone and get tangible rewards
    • Watch maximum 10 ads distributed during the day (<2 minutes for the day)
    • Get to know and engage with interesting brands while performing routine operations on your smartphone (like unlocking, calling or receiving calls)
    • The ads are limited in number, fully skippable and do not disturb the normal functions of your smartphone. Just the opposite, they add a pleasant element of freshness, surprise and entertainment to your experience.
    • Rest assured that your personal data is absolutely safe, handled in a responsible and GDPR-compliant way.
    How it works
    How it works
    • Download and install your Mobile Operator’s SmartAdd app
    • Let us get to know you by answering a few simple questions
    • A limited number of ads will be displayed after you unlock your mobile’s screen, or when you initiate incoming calls and outgoing calls and after you finish a call
    • Ads are limited to a maximum of 10 per day
    • Ads are usually around 6 seconds long and are displayed evenly during the day.
    • Content delivery is neither blocking, nor delaying any smartphone functions:
    • At Unlock and Post-call:
      Content is skippable at any moment
    • During Outgoing and Incoming calls: Content is displayed without affecting any standard dialer functions such as dialing, answering, call terminating, call rejection, muting, keypad access, loudspeaker, Bluetooth, reject with SMS, etc.
    Emilia Clarke
    Suzana Clarke
    "It works seamlessly on my phone and I receive the megabytes. I’ll recommend it."
    Emilia Clarke
    Angel Wood
    "Excellent app! Well done, guys!"
    Emilia Clarke
    "The app is great!"
    "The ads are cool! I really enjoy the additional megabytes every month."
    "I’m very satisfied with the app, it functions without any problems."
    "Perfect! You don’t need to do anything, not even pay for it. Just install it and get 1000MB. Well done!"
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