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    Silence is Golden: Soundless Video Ads

    To marketers’ delight, consumers love watching videos on their mobile. More specifically, soundless videos. 

    If your marketing team is embracing mobile video advertising as a top priority in 2020, the soundless-first approach is a safe bet. Producing content that says a lot without ever making a sound – and is consumed in the palm of your hand – is the new trend. If curious what the hype is all about, keep reading:

    • As much as 85 percent of video views happen with the sound off, according to multiple publishers
    • Branded videos average 85-90% silent video views, with no detrimental effect on KPIs 
    • Sound on video is considered disruptive and annoying: a truly immersive and intimate video experience starts by giving users the freedom to consume personalized messages in public spaces
    • 45% of people in a survey answered that muted ads are more tolerable, while 39% of them considered targeted ads a crucial factor for tolerable ads
    • A startling, irritating, or embarrassing moment after the audience stumbles upon your mobile video ad on a crowded bus or silent office place is not something a brand would like to be associated with
    • The unexpected burst of noise triggers an escape instinct that makes the watcher try to shut down the source of the sound as quickly as possible
    • Maintain the intimate level of attention: brands hoping to build lasting relationships with audiences through video would benefit by making public spaces as free from interruptions as possible 
    • Viewability is a far more accurate measure of attention and validity than audibility: silent ads can increase engagement, allowing brands to still send their message effectively, without any disruptive sound. 

    Apparently the future is silent. Determined to focus on the visual side of advertising in a sound-off environment and show – not tell – your brand’s story in a one-on-one connection with your audience? Stay tuned and follow our Marketing Bites for new and exciting updates.