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    Attention and Brand Outcomes: The Longer People Engage with Ads, the More Impactful the Results, Study Reveals

    It’s the rule of the game – brand success in advertising depends on how engaged your audience is. But what determines if individuals are truly engaged with your ads? While viewability remains device-centric rather than human-centric, it alone cannot accurately measure the true level of human attention given to advertising. This is where attention metrics […]


    Markets are Down but Ad Consumption Isn’t: Ad Engagement Actually Cheaper to Get in 2023 than Pre-Recession 2022, Report Suggests

    Did you think that the past twelve months of paid advertising activity would be marked by reduced spend and lower performance metrics? Metadata, the first operating system for B2B marketers, hypothesized so, too – only to admit that they were wrong. In their newly released B2B Paid Social Benchmarks report comparing “pre-recession” 2022 to “post-recession” […]