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    Make Them Remember: Increasing Mental Availability in Advertising

    Do you remember the latest Coca-Cola ‘Masterpiece’ ad featuring contemporary artists and their works enhanced with AI? How can we forget it – it’s literally every marketer’s dream to achieve that level of top-of-mind awareness for their brand.  Mental availability is the concept used in advertising and marketing to describe the consumer’s ability to recall a particular brand or product when they are in […]


    Human CPM (hCPM): Optimize for Humans to Avoid Ad Fraud

    As an advertiser, what would you rather pay for – actual human eyes seeing your content, or software-generated traffic?  If the question seems absurd, think again.   False non-human traffic is a serious issue in the advertising industry and one we have previously discussed, for example here. Various studies reveal that fewer than half of all impressions are […]