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    Human CPM (hCPM): Optimize for Humans to Avoid Ad Fraud

    As an advertiser, what would you rather pay for – actual human eyes seeing your content, or software-generated traffic?  If the question seems absurd, think again.   False non-human traffic is a serious issue in the advertising industry and one we have previously discussed, for example here. Various studies reveal that fewer than half of all impressions are […]


    Content Marketing Trends in 2023 and Beyond

    As the end of 2022 is coming closer, can you already feel the thrill of an exciting 2023 in marketing and advertising? There have been so many interesting developments, shifts and turbulence in the world of (social) media, content marketing and consumer engagement throughout 2022 – and we have been keeping you posted on the […]


    Attention Measurement: The 5-Minute Wrap-Up

    Let’s face it: attention has become the most important metric in today’s advertising world. So much more than a hot topic, it’s a definitive sign of a revolution taking place in the established advertising effectiveness measurement system.  Indisputably, Prof. Karen Nelson-Field, Founder and CEO of Amplified Intelligence, a globally acclaimed researcher in media science, is […]


    Beyond the Google-Facebook Duopoly: Brands Are Starting to Consider Alternatives

    It’s been the status quo for years, the Google-Facebook duopoly in the field of online advertising, with marketers investing their hard-earned ad dollars primarily there. Not necessarily the case for the future, though. Emerging signs of turbulence and new players are challenging the established ecosystem. Intrigued? Check out our selection of highlights from recent analyses […]