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    How to Future-Proof Consumer Loyalty? Invest in Brand Equity!

    Do you have a favourite soft drink/chocolate/coffee brand? Guess what – the one that immediately comes to your mind holds the most brand equity with you.  According to a Gartner study,  81% of organizations expect to compete based on customer experience. And what is brand equity? It’s the epitome of customer experience – how consumers think and […]

    Putting People First: Human-Centric Marketing Changes the Game

    In the digital age of AI and automation, our world is more connected than ever before. Yet, genuine human connection is rare and therefore particularly valuable.  As marketers, we always look for ways to understand our audience better in order to be able to offer relevant solutions and services. Searching for real, empathetic communication beyond […]

    How to Supercharge Your Ad Campaigns: Take These 5 Steps to Find Out

    In a world of information overload, aggressive marketing strategies in an attempt to capture your audience’s attention often fail. If your campaign goes unnoticed, your marketing efforts feel irrelevant. In the end, when the right message does not reach the right people at the right time, it means a hard-earned advertising budget goes to waste.  […]