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    Ad Placement Context: Critical in Turbulent Times

    In light of the current situation in Ukraine, all eyes are on the news updates. Is this the right environment to monetize your audience’s attention though? As marketers, it’s our responsibility to take a serious account of context relevance in ad placement. Honestly, which brand would like to blend their ads with all hell breaking […]

    “And Just Like That”: Context Can Make or Break an Ad

    There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of “And Just Like That”, the long-awaited reboot to the iconic SATC finale. Now that the first two episodes have just premiered, a hot debate has ensued, which, among others, points to an interesting marketing-related issue: the Peloton bike product placement in episode 1. As marketers, we are […]

    Mobile Marketing post Privacy Changes: Context is Crucial

    Following Apple’s imminent iOS update, mobile advertisers are about to face greater challenges related to tracking and ad targeting. What’s next? Reaching consumers by focusing on the context of their ads, rather than one-to-one targeting and personalization.  In a recent survey of 252 advertisers, business intelligence firm Advertiser Perceptions interviewed 252 advertisers (40% marketer and […]

    The Cookie Apocalypse Is Near. Are Your Campaigns Future-Proof?

    The days of third-party cookies are coming to an end… Anxiety and fear are creeping in, with many marketers anticipating the doom and gloom that would ensue. What are the alternatives? In their latest Global Ad Spend Forecast, dentsu predicted that 2024 is expected to be the year when third-party cookies are finally deprecated after having […]

    Did People Really See Your Ad? Here Is Why It Matters

    So, you have created and launched the perfect ad – but was it noticed, seen, remembered by your audience? Did they pay attention to it? There could be many reasons for ad avoidance – annoyance, disturbance, ad fatigue, to name a few. In our always-on culture, a visually cluttered and often overwhelming environment doesn’t help […]

    5 Ways to Humanize Ads, One Video at a Time

    Now that 2024 has started off at full speed, how is your list of resolutions going? As human beings and marketers, we believe humans are social creatures. Therefore, establishing authentic connections deserves a priority spot on our list.  Video is a great way to connect with your audience and projections reveal that it will keep […]

    The Power of Video Storytelling: How to Maximize It 

    As AI shapes the world, it becomes even more important to connect with humans. Video is a great way to do that. Why? Because it can share stories, evoke emotions, engage and inspire audiences. One more reason why many B2B marketers use video, as recent B2B research shows.  For its third annual video and visual […]