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    Ad Placement Context: Critical in Turbulent Times

    In light of the current situation in Ukraine, all eyes are on the news updates. Is this the right environment to monetize your audience’s attention though? As marketers, it’s our responsibility to take a serious account of context relevance in ad placement. Honestly, which brand would like to blend their ads with all hell breaking […]

    “And Just Like That”: Context Can Make or Break an Ad

    There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of “And Just Like That”, the long-awaited reboot to the iconic SATC finale. Now that the first two episodes have just premiered, a hot debate has ensued, which, among others, points to an interesting marketing-related issue: the Peloton bike product placement in episode 1. As marketers, we are […]

    Mobile Marketing post Privacy Changes: Context is Crucial

    Following Apple’s imminent iOS update, mobile advertisers are about to face greater challenges related to tracking and ad targeting. What’s next? Reaching consumers by focusing on the context of their ads, rather than one-to-one targeting and personalization.  In a recent survey of 252 advertisers, business intelligence firm Advertiser Perceptions interviewed 252 advertisers (40% marketer and […]

    Creative/Platform Fit or How to Make the Best Out of Your Ads

    In your video marketing strategy, how do you decide which approach to adopt? Do you rely on one-size-fits-all video or use platform-specific creative? Recent research suggests that the winning strategy is “start with the end in mind” – think about your goals, choose the platform that will deliver the desired results, and then use this […]

    How to Supercharge Your Ad Campaigns: Take These 5 Steps to Find Out

    In a world of information overload, aggressive marketing strategies in an attempt to capture your audience’s attention often fail. If your campaign goes unnoticed, your marketing efforts feel irrelevant. In the end, when the right message does not reach the right people at the right time, it means a hard-earned advertising budget goes to waste.  […]

    How to Future-Proof Consumer Loyalty? Invest in Brand Equity!

    Do you have a favourite soft drink/chocolate/coffee brand? Guess what – the one that immediately comes to your mind holds the most brand equity with you.  According to a Gartner study,  81% of organizations expect to compete based on customer experience. And what is brand equity? It’s the epitome of customer experience – how consumers think and […]

    From Viewable to Actually Viewed: Choose High-Attention Media Channels

    “Unviewable ads are, as former Unilever CMO Keith Weed so brilliantly put it, like having your billboards underwater. A complete waste of money”, marketing guru Mark Ritson reminded us recently. We couldn’t agree more. According to research from Professor Karen Nelson-Field, it takes more than two seconds of attention to have any lasting impact on […]

    ChatGPT and AI in Marketing: Overhyped or Value-Adding

    If you haven’t heard of generative AI or experimented with ChatGPT at least once, you have probably been living under a rock. As our favourite “marketoonist” Tom Fishburne says, “the Generative AI hype train is full steam ahead”. And apparently, it’s not going to slow down over the next years.   So, are we marketers doomed […]