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    Attention and Brand Outcomes: The Longer People Engage with Ads, the More Impactful the Results, Study Reveals

    It’s the rule of the game – brand success in advertising depends on how engaged your audience is. But what determines if individuals are truly engaged with your ads? While viewability remains device-centric rather than human-centric, it alone cannot accurately measure the true level of human attention given to advertising. This is where attention metrics […]

    Platform Attention Performance: Where Your Ad Shines or Dies 

    Do you know that platform plays the biggest role in how much your creative can achieve? When it comes to attention as the new currency for advertising, we look up to Prof. Karen Nelson-Field and her expertise. Recently, she presented on two interesting stages – Cannes in Cairns 2023 and the ThinkPremiumDigital event. At the latter, together with […]

    From Viewable to Actually Viewed: Choose High-Attention Media Channels

    “Unviewable ads are, as former Unilever CMO Keith Weed so brilliantly put it, like having your billboards underwater. A complete waste of money”, marketing guru Mark Ritson reminded us recently. We couldn’t agree more. According to research from Professor Karen Nelson-Field, it takes more than two seconds of attention to have any lasting impact on […]

    Attention Measurement: The 5-Minute Wrap-Up

    Let’s face it: attention has become the most important metric in today’s advertising world. So much more than a hot topic, it’s a definitive sign of a revolution taking place in the established advertising effectiveness measurement system.  Indisputably, Prof. Karen Nelson-Field, Founder and CEO of Amplified Intelligence, a globally acclaimed researcher in media science, is […]

    Not Optimizing for Human Attention? Then Forget About Advertising (Part II) 

    In Part I of our recent publication, we introduced you to some of Paolo Provinciali’s thoughts on the importance of human attention in advertising. Enjoy our selection of further insightson this hot topic in the marketing industry, from a practitioner’s perspective: • The role of innovative platforms. According to Provinciali, the sell-side should constantly work to develop highly attentive environments through content, formats, and programming innovation. In turn, the buy-side should […]

    Not Optimizing for Human Attention? Then Forget About Advertising (Part I) 

    Want to improve advertising effectiveness? Optimize for human attention! In a world where Web3, AI and the metaverse are the latest hype getting media coverage, we were delighted to come across this very different, thought-provoking and insightful blog by Paolo Provinciali.  According to Provinciali – a senior media professional calling himself an „economist by education, marketer by profession, […]

    The Gift of Attention

    Now that the New Year has started, the end-of-year gifts are already behind us. One such gift for marketers was the attention-related data presented by Prof. Karen Nelson-Field in her specialized column in December last year. At SmartAd, we place particular importance on the value of the attention economy. Therefore, Prof. Field’s up-to-date research is […]

    Noisy World: Harnessing the Power of Attention with SmartAd

    In an overly cluttered environment, the one thing that becomes so scarce that it’s getting almost impossible to harness is Attention. Its actual measurement has become a hot topic in media circles. Furthermore, attention differs across platforms and formats, making it crucial to rely on attention metrics to find the right platform for your brand. Read […]

    SmartAdd and the Attention Economy – A Winning Combination by Design

    Focus is fleeting and difficult to maintain in a world of distractions. Social media channels bombard users with multiple ads, tracking them along their journey across platforms and competing for their attention. As a result, the so-called “banner blindness” and ad fatigue set in, whereby users become resistant to advertising and brand messaging. So how […]